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This wiki site is not intended to offer anything like an overview of critical theoretical terminology, which would be a vast undertaking beyond my knowledge and ability. Rather, it is meant to be a repository and reference for particular concepts which I have come across, find useful and intend to put to use in my own work. In the translation from often highly embedded contextual origins to summary form, some transformation is inevitable and expected. In addition, I draw from diverse theoretical fields: Marxism and 'post-Marxism', discourse analysis, structuralist and post-structuralist literary theory, social theory, human geography, anthropology, political theory, cultural theory, continental and post-continental philosophy, and so on. Defined terms are not defined in view of establishing any kind of authoritative or official formality, but appear only as ongoing investigations into what they can signify. Owing to this the collection may appear fragmentary and dilettante, the eclectic dabbling of a bricoleur. So be it: the purpose is not to ruthlessly taxonomise every field I dip into, simply rather to provide some degree of stabilisation, referential anchoring and provisional consistency to the terminology I will actually be using.

At present there is no plan to make this an open wiki, however any (referenced) submissions which are improvements on or developments of existing entries will be considered for inclusion and attributed to their respective author(s) and I will be glad to receive such submissions via email. — David J Smith

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